realDEAL n*kd PURE | Light Brown

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At soleRebels we are all about flavor, style and the sweet CARESS. So to give you FLAVOR + STYLE to spare while we CARESS your feet in a way they've never been caressed before, we had our super FRESH + ULTRA TALENTED artisans hand-loom up the awesome straps on the realDEAL n*kd PURE.

Our famed Abyssinian heritage organic cottons, which we source from small scale growers and then hand-spin + hand loom into magical cotton fabrics, are one of the secrets as to WHY these sandals are so comfortable! And we're talking about C - O - M - F - O - R - T!! slip'em on and you'll see. It's COMFORT that WILL embarrass you in public BECAUSE you'll need to explain to people that it's your feet making those sounds of blissed-out pleasure and NOT you! Yes. That kind of COMFORT... But no worries - just send everyone you know our way and we'll get them into a pair. That way EVERYONE'S feet will be making sounds of blissed-out pleasure so no one will notice your feet any more! [ sneaky aren't we ]

And what are some of the other secrets behind the awesome C - O - M - F - O - R - T ?

  • The footbed gets in on the caressing action; handcrafted with our famed AbyssinianPure premium NUBUCK that gives you a magical softness that will have your feet in total XTASY wherever they take you!
  • Our famous ergonomic cushioned ARCH SUPPORT mid-sole adds ever more meaning to all the caressing going on, and will have friends and strangers wondering what's behind that extra bounce in your step and the xtra wide SMILE on your face... We'll never tell!
  • Protecting BOTH your precious feet and our precious planet is another TOP PRIORITY FOR US AND and so we hand cut the soles of the realDEAL n*kd PURE from recycled car tires so you get ZERO CARBON with XTRA SOLE!
  • And best of all, it's all artisan crafted by us here at soleRebels , proudly the planet's 1st and ONLY WFTO Fair Trade certified footwear company, so you can FEEL as good as you look!

The realDEAL n*kd PURE: they look + feel sooooooooooo good you'll put 'em on with nothin' else on!