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soleRebels has gone done it again...

This time we have re-IMAGINED the humble ballet shoe and given it VERVE, KICK AND a little OOOMPHHHH for good measure. We call it the tooTOO.

Slide a pair of these babies on and you'll attract looks from just about everyone... No, not because the body of the tooTOO supah FLEX, made from pure hand loomed Abyssinian cotton looks so darn cute + cool. And NO, not because of that look of ecstasy on your face from the C O M FO R T of the PLUSH hand loomed cotton interiors.

No, you'll attract stares CUZ your feet have leaped up and are doin' a SERIOUS HAPPPY DANCE while smothering you with kisses in thanks for treating them so darn good!

And as a FINAL bonus our famed rugged recycled car tire sole protects your precious feet and our precious planet!!!!

tooTOOs are also a proud part of our b*knd series [meaning it's vegan, and made with ZERO ANIMAL products]

All tooTOOs ship in our gorgeous CINCHSAK, hand crafted from the finest ABYSSINIAN organic cotton, the CINCHSAK is our cool + effective way to eliminate WASTEFUL shoe boxes!!

And it's all artisan crafted by soleRebels, the planet's 1st WFTO Fair Trade certified footwear company, so you can feel as good as you look.

soleRebels tooTOOs: your feets' best friend!