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What happens when you REVIVE vintage army uniforms and merge them with soleRebels unique artisan loomed fabrics and hand spun organic cottons?

You get the camoFloat unWound series.

Each camoFloat uNwoUnd body is hand-crafted from vintage camo that we revive + have put into peaceful use.

camoFloat is a proud part of our b*knd series [meaning it's vegan, and made with ZERO ANIMAL products]

Our magical artisan spun organic cottons line the interiors giving your feet a decadent treat every step of the way.

Our artisan loomed fabrics with a VINTAGED look stitching accent the picture. And ALL of this floats on a bed of kaatcha [ethiopian HEMP] trimmed with accent fabric that is capped off by our famed recycled car tire sole to protect your precious feet and our precious planet.

Ships in our gorgeous CINCHSAK, hand crafted from the finest ABYSSINIAN organic cotton, the CINCHSAK is our cool + effective way to eliminate WASTEFUL shoe boxes!!

And it's all artisan crafted by soleRebels, the planet's 1st WFTO Fair Trade certified footwear company, so you can feel as good as you look.

The effect is ruGGed, stunning + COMFY!

So relax, recreate, and change YOUR world! [and get unWound while you're at it]