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The ancient and exalted koba plant: colloquially referred to as KOBA or KAATCHA, it is an indigenous plant cultivated here in Ethiopia for over 10,000 years.

We chose it as our symbol as it represents enduring and amazing qualities, and is a marvel of natural efficiency.

Ebery part of the koba plant has a use. Its fibers are used in the creation of many wonderful creations including many of our products; its roots provide food in times of food shortage; it is self re-generating once harvested, requires little water to grow and no chemical inputs. That's why we call it the freedom tree + the tree of hope.

And its why we made the mid sole of the KAATCH-IT series entirely from this material.

Our magical artisan spun organic cottons line the interiors giving your feet a decadent treat every step of the way.

Our artisan loomed fabrics create a DYNAMIC STRAP + accents the picture.

And ALL of this floats on a bed of koba [Ethiopian HEMP] and is capped off by our famed recycled car tire sole to protect your precious feet and our precious planet.

Kaatch-It is a proud part of our b*knd series [meaning it's vegan, and made with ZERO ANIMAL products]

Your feet will thank you. The earth will LOVE you and you'll look superCOOL no matter where you tread.