RIFF Eternal Leather | Light Brown

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At soleRebels we LIVE to 'riff... and riff we did here. We took a classic! the BOAT shoe! and gave it some soleRebels SPICE.

An exterior crafted from the finest AbyssinianPure suede gives you unmatched CLASS on the outside and an interior lined with our famed artisan spun + artisan loomed cottons gives amazing comfort on the inside.

For amazing profile we fully 360 degree rimmed it out with our famed artisan loomed accent fabrics that we weave in a totally ZERO CARBON manner! the way it's always been done here in Ethiopia: ON HAND LOOMS by our talented artisan weavers!

And all floating on a comfort midsole that's capped by our famed recycled tire sole! the 'riff gives the boat shoe style unique SPICE n STYLE!

Ships in our gorgeous CINCHSAK, hand crafted from the finest ABYSSINIAN organic cotton, the CINCHSAK is our cool + effective way to eliminate WASTEFUL shoe boxes!!

All made by soleRebels, the 1st WFTO Fair Trade footwear company, so you can FEEL as good as you look!

So go ahead. Throw on a pair as you hit the beach, the boat or the boardroom... or wherever your SOUL takes you!

'riff. its good for your sole. soul