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Bringing some artisian crafted oomph to the party is a soleRebels trademark. A proud addition to our b*knd series, the shhoo veg has just made your beach strollin', cabana chillin', cafթ loungin', boardroom meetin' a whole lot more flavor*FULL...

Rock these BAREFOOT with your favorite pants, shorts or whatever's and experience what it means to walkNAKED...

  • Slip your feet into these and experience the magic that IS soleRebels hand spun and hand loomed cotton! Caressing your feet every step of the way you will forever understand what it means when we say walkNAKED! [WARNING : you may need to explain to passersby that's its your feet making those sounds of blissed-out total pleasure and NOT you! Yes. That kind of COMFORT... But no worries - just send everyone you know our way and we'll get them into a pair of soleRebels. That way EVERYONE'S feet will be making weird and wonderful b l i s s e d - out total pleasure sounds so no one will notice your feets sonds any more! sneaky we are!]
  • The super comfy float midsole is 360 degree trimmed in our signature hand-loomed accent fabric and then buzzed with 4X4 edge line hand stitches, giving you a super profile + comfort + style - 'cuz we KNOW you all of the above from your shoes!
  • Our famed outsole hand cut from recycled tires - you can still even see the tread - protects your feet and our precious planet. Nice!
  • Ships in our gorgeous CINCHSAK. Hand crafted from the finest ABYSSINIAN organic cotton, the CINCHSAK is our cool + effective way to eliminate WASTEFUL shoe boxes!
  • Fully hand crafted by us here at soleRebels , the planets ONLY WFTO certified fair trade footwear company so YOU can FEEL as good as you look!
  • Fully backed by our HAPPY SOLES GUARANTEE, the best footwear guarantee on the planet!!!

soleRebels... Proud to be the planets pioneers of hand woven footwear that causes people to jump up and walkNAKED