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stepUP Ed. 2 | White


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Ethiopia is home to the largest population of livestock in Africa, with at least 40 million people owning livestock. The sector is crucially important in reducing poverty, as a large percentage of the population is directly affected by the leather industry.

There are NO ANIMAL FACTORIES here. Only the loving tradition of small scale free range animal raising, where animals freely roam and graze tended to by their owners. It's the same tradition that's endured here for millennia and proudly survives until this day.

This is what we mean when we say AbyssinianPure .

The stepUP Ed. 2 is hand-crafted with an exterior of the finest AbyssinianPure leathers

  • A float midsole trimmed with artisan loomed accent fabrics for super comfort + style cuz we we believe in BOTH
  • 1st ever artisan loomed laces [talk about ZERO carbon] give a roots finish, all capped off by our famed tire sole, this footwear is as unique as it is stylish.