stepUP Ed. 2

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  • Fully artisan hand-crafted
  • Created with the lowest carbon footprint possible
  • Gorgeous Abyssinian pure leather upper
  • Conforms to your feet's unique contours
  • Comfort beyond your wildest dreams. We call it Walk Naked level comfort
  • Breathes like a veteran long-distance runner. Say bye-bye to smelly feet
  • Ultra soft
  • Heat + cold responsive hand woven organic cotton interiors
  • Keeps your feet as cool or as warm as you need them to be
  • Precision hand-cut recycled tire sole
  • Thin
  • Light
  • Super flexible
  • Unmatched protection from whatever you step in or on
  • Our signature artisan hand-woven  laces  give your shoes a totally unique & stylISH  finish

    Custom Hand-Crafted Footwear

    We handcraft each pair specifically for your order in our Addis Ababa workshop, using the highest quality and most sustainable materials.

    The result: The comfiest, most creative footwear you've ever worn.

    Ethiopian Made

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    Recycled Tire Sole

    The sole in soleRebels

    Continuing an age old tradition here in Ethiopia, we collect & sort used tires. Then we hand cut each and every one into soles, ensuring a perfectly fitted sole that is long lasting and very comfortable.

    So a great indigenous recycling tradition endures, and best of all something that might otherwise go to waste now enjoys a dynamic + new + useful purpose while keeping our landfills less clogged AND SAVING CO2 from being emitted when landfill-bound tires are burned. Yikes!

    See what goes into every pair of soleRebels

    Happy Soles Guarantee

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Try a Pair Worry-Free

    Our shoes are backed by our Happy Soles Guarantee. If you aren’t 100% happy, you can exchange or return your shoes for a full refund. No questions asked.

    Artisan Powered

    Artisan Powered

    Unlike mass produced footwear, we proudly hand craft everything that goes into our footwear, like hand spinning and hand looming all of our own textiles.