Fair Trade Pioneers

soleRebels shoe being made

Everyone today is concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, which is great!! And at soleRebels we also believe that people around the world want MUCH more from their brands. They want to see that the company that makes the products cares AS MUCH about the people who MAKE THEIR PRODUCTS as they do about reducing their footprint on the world. WE BELIEVE preserving our environment PLUS real concern for workers is real style and something that NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION !

We believe soleRebels’ message resonates with people today more than ever as consumers look for more compelling reasons to buy products and embrace brands . As the worlds 1st WFTO/IFAT FAIR TRADE certified footwear company, we believe soleRebels offers something unique and compelling both in terms of products and the ethos of soleRebels.

While we’ve ALWAYS practiced Fair Trade from DAY 1 of the company’s birth, the WFTO and IFAT accreditations let consumers know in a verifiable manner that the entire company behind the product is fair trade committed – wages, working conditions, environment. Everything. while many companies claim to be fair trade firms, they have not gone through the rigorous auditing to become IFAT members, the most transparent, rigorous and provable method to truly prove their fair trade credentials to all!

I’m proud to say that we’ve managed to get some great accolades along the way. Like in August when Hilary Clinton hailed us in the recent 8th African Growth and Opportunity Act Forum held August 5th in Kenya mentioning our status as Ethiopia’s pioneering and to date ONLY footwear exporter to break into the US market! And then we were chosen as Africa's #1 COOLEST FAIR TRADE BRAND by DISCOVERY CHANNEL presenter Summer Rayne Oakes on the HUFFINGTON POST. Who says you can’t be eco AND fair and COOL!!

Our men’s and women’s styles range from flip-flops Mary Janes with braided hemp details and beach-ready, casual slip-ons. Colors vary from neutral-toned basics to bold-hued stripes to bright rasta-colored versions, and are affordable and accessible for everyone.

soleRebels b*knd label is great for vegans and veggies and anyone who enjoys a cruelty-free, great-looking shoe.