soleRebels People Service

At soleRebels we focus on treating our customers in the way we treat our good friends - like thoughtful people, full of possibility and ready to experience the unexpected...   

Amazing customer service is integral to what we sell. We call it  the happy soles guarantee. It says that NO MATTER where you buy our products from- be it from us or another retailer, we will replace it if there is a problem with it NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It's not a gimmick. It’s a simple, clear promise from us to you - redeemable on request.

We developed this guarantee for a few KEY reasons:

  1. While every shoe we make is hand crafted to the most exacting standards, we wanted to show people in a meaningful way that WE STAND 100% BEHIND the quality + integrity of every soleRebels shoe WE MAKE in a dedicated, committed and ONGING MANNER.
  2. WE are also customers. We live in the same world as you - the folks who buy from us - do. We too have experienced dissatisfaction with products - which turned into loathing for the company that makes them - when we tried to get some form of redemption when the product did not perform as expected and were shown contempt or indifference. It offended us as people that we could NOT get proper treatment or that we were given the runaround when we tried to get things set right. That’s not business.  

So we put people's HAPPINESS - capital H - at the core of what we do. And we are proud that people can see that our brand has people at its core. This HAPPINESS - capital H - can be seen:

  • In our design ethos of artisan imagined footwear and our brand ethos of walk naked. Those two concepts ensure YOU always get magically light + SUPER comfy footwear with an eco-sensible design flair and just the right amount of overall aTTiTUDe to get you through LIFE floating all the way.
  • In our achievement of being the first + ONLY WFTO Fair Trade footwear company on the planet, so EVERYONE can  see in a transparent and verifiable manner that we put our workforce FIRST. That means everyone can put on a pair of soleRebels and FEEL AS GOOD AS THEY LOOK!!!!!! 
  • In the fact that we are green by heritage and not green because it’s the in thing or because some marketing guru told us to be green. Our materials and products scream out that we are green because we employ the traditional zero carbon methods of production that have existed in Ethiopia for thousands of years AND in doing so creatively we produce world class products!

Our bottom line: we believe in pouring ever MORE HEART+SOUL into our product, our artisans, our service and our brand. And we will continue to do that ever more. Because that’s what we want from OUR brands…