Producer Direct Trade

What is unique about the way soleRebels trades?

soleRebels is all about producers controlling the fruits of their labors . That means building the EQUITY of their brands and realizing the long term value of that equity by netting a FAIR deal in terms of price when they sell their products.

To do this soleRebels are pioneers & BIG proponents of producer direct Fair Trade .

Producer direct Fair Trade means:

  1. There is NO MIDDLEMAN to absorb profits. Too often even in so called Fair Trade trading, the producers products must go through various “fair traders” to reach the final consumer. Those traders , because they need to add their markups , often SQUUEEZE the producer resulting in LOST $ for the producer. And the producer without the DIRECT LINKS to the buyers or final consumers is at the mercy of these trades.
  2. revolutionary trade . it maximizes the producers benefits [yup the folks that actually make the stuff] WHILE also giving maximum value to the retailer and the best price to the final consumer as there are no middle stages to SKIM off profits and inflate the cost of products. That is a A HUGE WIN:WIN for everyone involved [ except the middleman. Sorry middleman!]

soleRebels have been trading like this with many of our great global customers like Amazon, urban outfitters, whole foods whom we ship DIRECTLY, handling all the account functions - from order intake to production to marketing and invoicing in-house right here in Ethiopia BY OURSELVES.

Direct producer trade with global customers means a few other key things:

  1. It allows soleRebels to understand market needs and demands in real time. That means w e can react to what buyers AND CONSUEMRS really want in their products.
  2. It means that we are constantly developing and upgrading our business skills to a world class level; that means we become better and better BIZ PEOPLE, which means we can become stronger and more successful as a company which means more and better jobs for our community , which means more prosperity for the people which means people start to see a brighter future!
  3. BEST OF ALL it allows soleRebels the company to maximize the $ it receives for its products which in turn means MORE AND BETTER PAYING JOBS can be created in the soleRebels community , more foreign exchange is netted for the country, which means more development can be funded.

So take a second and be proud because YOU are THE CRITICAL part of all this. without you we are nothing.

And every soleRebel here thanks you for it !