tooTOOS xxxyyy kBa in light blue

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These gorgeous tooTOOS are 100% hand crafted from our magical hand woven fabrics. They will have you looking and feeling sweeeeeeeeeeet no matter what situation you find yourself in.

  • Lined with our magical hand loomed fabrics for walk naked level comfort!
  • Capped off with our signature hand crafted recycled car tires soles!
  • A proud addition to our amazing VEGAN b*knd products.

    Every Pair of soleRebels

    • Made with our signature recycled tire soles
    • Shipped in our organic cotton chinsak to reduce waste
    • Covered by our Happy Soles Guarantee


    • Free shipping to anywhere in the world!
    Hand made just for you at the time you order, so please allow 2 weeks

    Sizing Information

    Click here for size conversion charts.

    To get your perfectly fitting soleRebels simply:

    1. Measure your foot standing heel to big toe, with socks if you plan to wear socks with your soleRebels OR without socks if you plan to WALK NAKED in your soleRebels.

    2. Order your corresponding CM size – all our styles have a drop down size menu where the size appears in centimeters.

    Or, download this template and follow the instructions. Make sure you print the template to actual size (NOT to fit the page).

    It's easy and ensures you get a perfectly fitting shoe!

    Looking forward to making some soleRebels just for you!

    See what goes into every pair of soleRebels