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World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick visits soleRebels

Robert Zoellick Bethlehem soleRebelsWe were honored when World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick visited soleRebels this month and hailed Bethlehem as exemplary social entrepreneur who is helping Ethiopia and other African nations overcome the effects of the global financial crisis.

Read more about Robert Zoellick's visit at the following link: Africa: Fighting the Global Economic Crisis through Private Enterprise, Innovation and Integration

Robert Zoellick and Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu
Mr Zoellick is not only the worlds top banker, he also makes some pretty funny jokes!

Robert Zoellick and soleRebels Founder
and Mr Zoellick is a HANDS ON kind of banker, who enjoys getting down to details-even if those details are the old tires we recycle into the COOLEST soles on the planet!