Sustainable Materials

solerebels sustainable materials and practices

Uniquely Green by Heritage

soleRebels is as an innovative and ethical company committed to creating world class footwear and apparel products, great community based jobs while utilizing the immense, diverse, sustainable and eco-sensible materials and cultural arts of Ethiopia that are by their very nature “GREEN” – and have always been.

We use the terms like “historically eco-sensible” and “green by heritage” to describe this phenomenon. We do so because we want to express the KEY fact that we are embracing these deeply sustainable and TRADITIONALLY ZERO CARBON methods of production NOT because it’s the "in thing", or because we held a focus group or because some marketing genius named Bernie told us to be “GREEN”.

We embrace these production methodologies, materials, ideas and ethos because they are integral parts of Ethiopia’s cultural fabric, a tradition which we grew up within and feel passionately about preserving.

Best of all, these methods and materials have stood the test of time and are by their essence sustainable and low impact.

Cotton culture runs deep here in Ethiopia, one of the last authentically organic environments where cotton is grown, and the ART of hand spinning of cotton in this manner dates back millennia here and our artisans are among the finest.

So, in addition to recycled car tire soles, all our styles incorporate as much recycled + sustainable materials as possible with ingredients like hand spun + hand loomed organic cotton fabrics, and a pallete of unique natural fibers including Abyssinian HEMP and PURE Abyssinian KOBA, pure Abyssinian jutes and Abyssinian PURE leathers.

All our shoes are hand-crafted making it a TRULY zero carbon production process! Our products are made in this low-impact manner because proudly, historically that is the way it’s been done here in Ethiopia!

roots. culture. tires. is the way we summarize this ethos of historic eco-sensibility, where great products are made in a low-impact manner because historically that is they way that things have been done. It makes great sense given that we have so many talented hands here in Ethiopia that are too often idle because of lack of opportunity and hand works creates great things.

Our packaging is made from recycled shipping cartons and pairs are shipped in re-useable hand loomed cotton bags.

soleRebels also minimizes production waste by making innovative POP display units from scrap and natural materials as well as re-using waste in production with our repurposing of production waste materials into production inputs, we come very close to our overriding goal of a near ZERO waste effect from production.

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