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My trip to visit United States Peace Corps Volunteers at Camp GLOW

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Bethlehem Alemu speaking to CAMP GLOW

The United States Peace Corps Volunteers (they call themselves “PCVs”, kinda corny ) in the Amhara region of Ethiopia have teamed up with the Rotary Club, Ethiopia, to create a girl’s leadership camp.

Camp GLOW [ their name - we told you they are kinda corny!] is a week-long camp with five programmed days and two travel days. around 35 to 40 young women, ages 14-17, come from West Amhara, and most of them are from small towns. The camp is organized into theme-based days: Leadership Day, Environment Day, Health Day, Career and Entrepreneur Day, and Gender Day.

The programming of each day follows the theme. And I was fortunate enough to be asked by the US peace Corps members to give the Entrepreneur Day address …..

I spoke about the origins of soleRebels including

  • The environmental aspects of the company – taking materials that are available locally, and creating a cool product out of it.
  • The idea of risk – how scary it was starting a company.
  • Last, but not least, about being a woman in the business world – and challenges associated with this

of particular interest to these up and coming young women was when i showed them what we are doing online including our brand new e*commerce website ! the idea of ecommerce was one they knew very little about BUT one which they became deeply interested in as i showed how it all worked . their reactions, were amazing as this truly showed them the possibilities that lay within , around and beyond the computer

It was an honor to be able to address these up and coming young woman and maybe , just maybe, i may have sparked some ideas that might flourish into the next generation of “soleRebels”......dare to dream!!!!!

Bethlehem Alemu addressing Ethiopia's CAMP GLOW
Bethlehem holding a soleRebels sandal
Bethlehem showing soleRebels website to CAMP GLOW
Bethlehem showing soleRebels website to CAMP GLOW children
Bethlehem showing soleRebels website to CAMP GLOW children