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All soleRebels Sandals Can Now Be Ordered in 2 Styles!


Couch and Recliner Sandal Styles

All of your favorite soleRebels Sandals can now be ordered in 2 different styles and at 2 different price points:

  • RECLINER mode - for folks that like their sandals with a SOFT relaxed feel and a SLIM lo-riding PROFILE... $60 USD
  • COUCH mode - for folks that like a SUPER CUSHYYYYYYYYYYY ride in their sandals we doubled up our magical rubberized foam.. Don’t blame us if you never take these off your feet... $65 USD

To order either style, find the Sandal you want and choose either 'Recliner' or 'Couch' from the drop-down menu in the form and click 'Add to Cart'.

If you have any questions, be sure to let us know at