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Artisan Loomed Fabrics

Artisan loomed fabrics

Interweaving our hand spun cotton with colorful accents, we hand-loom every single meter of fabric that makes up our unique shoes using traditional eucalyptus looms that have been used here in Ethiopia for centuries.

We are very proud that we use some of the very same looms & some of the VERY SAME talented artisans that wove the finest fabrics for His Imperial Majesty Emperor Hailie Selassie I, right here in our home village of Zenabwork.

The result? A wonderful ancient craft is preserved + perpetuated, we save wads of $ on electric bills, you get FUNK*EEEEE fabrics to strut around in, and we all get to help save the planet with ZERO CARBON OUTPUT from the making of these wondrous fabrics!

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