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Artisan Powered

soleRebels Artisan Powered

At our core we at soleRebels are creative artisans who aim to craft the coolest and most comfortable footwear. We do this by combining our heritage artisan crafts with modern design sensibilities, while pouring our creative selves into our shoes. The final result is that when our footwear is bought, the purchaser can SEE, FEEL and enjoy all the elements of heart, soul and creative craftsmanship that have gone into their construction.

In a world of faceless production-line assembled, made-in-who-knows-where shoes, soleRebels proudly stands apart and offers a much desired alternative. Our business model centers on eco-sensibility and community empowerment; product design and development involves a great deal of effort to achieve fashionable and appealing quality products that use local materials. Our model maximizes local development by creating a vibrant local supply chain while creating world class footwear that are loaded with style, comfort, and appeal.

  • soleRebels Artisan Powered
    Artisan powered = directly training + employing artisans who craft each and every one of our shoes, by hand, one pair at a time making it a TRULY ZERO carbon production process! soleRebels products are proudly made in this low-impact manner because historically that is the way it’s been done in Ethiopia. And working by hand as we do is not only the truest expression of zero carbon production but is a study in artisan empowerment. The quality and beauty of every pair we make is literally in the hands + mind + eyes + soul of our artisans so working this way is the ultimate expression of our faith and confidence in the skill and craftsmanship of every single one of our artisans.
  • Artisan powered = as other footwear manufacturers buy mass produced materials to makes their shoes , we hand craft our Abyssinian pure leathers, re-purpose materials like car + truck tires into soles and incorporate as many recycled + sustainable materials as possible including Abyssinian HEMP, PURE Abyssinian KOBA. We proudly hand spin and hand loom every single meter of our own fabrics in our own facilities right inside our community. This ensures we get the highest quality, most gorgeous, unique and colorful fabrics that make the most amazing looking and SUPER COMFY footwear while simultaneously creating ever more high quality jobs for talented hands. many of these talented hands are woman who mastered these heritage artisanal arts but were unable to find an outlet for them in modern business. We are very proud that we have created a vital and sustainable outlet for these historic skills to be used in a highly productive manner.
soleRebels Artisan Powered soleRebels Artisan Powered
  • soleRebels Artisan Powered
    Artisan powered = as other footwear manufacturers outsource their shoe design to big design firms , we conceive and develop everything we make by ourselves in-house in our workshop in addis ababa. The result is that we can conceive the coolest, comfiest AND STYLISH FOOTWEAR while also elevating both our own creative capabilities AND creating additional, higher level jobs for the designers that we groom and trained.
  • Artisan powered = as a sign of our total commitment to quality, ALL soleRebels products are covered by our happySOLES guarantee , a revolutionary warranty for the footwear industry. happySOLES guarantees 100% customer satisfaction by promising to replace any shoe bought from soleRebels NO QUESTIONS ASKED UNTIL the customer is 100% SATISFIED AND guarantees ANY soleRebel shoe no matter where a customer buys it for the life of the sole.
  • Artisan powered = BEST OF ALL we do it all in the context of being the planet's 1st ORIGIN TRADE footwear company, just makes it that much sweeter, ensuring that people who wear our footwear can FEEL as great as they look!

This is what we mean by artisan powered !!!!