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Fair Trade Footwear

Trading towards Hope + Development  
soleRebels worker

soleRebels is based on the revolutionary idea that to truly enjoy lasting development, developing nation producers MUST create, grow and control successful global brands and the equity developed in them, the very same formula that global brands in developed nations have so successfully deployed to build themselves and their countries.

In the period since our founding in 2004, soleRebels has emerged as Ethiopia’s leading eco-ethical footwear brand, and one of the leading ones globally. This marks us as the TIP of a changing dynamic in Ethiopia, a historic and vital shift away from AID and towards TRADE as well as a critical PUSH to control our destiny by exporting higher value branded finished goods instead of low value commodity exports. We are now sold by many leading retailers who have backed us from day one!

Our ambition is nothing less than to continue to nurture soleRebels into a market leading global footwear brand, a deeply important first for a developing world country like Ethiopia, and a feat which holds the seeds of greater shared prosperity here. 

To best appreciate the significance of a global footwear brand emerging from a country like Ethiopia, we always say to people: just pause for a moment and imagine the deep economic uplift, distributed benefits, and PROSPERITY that become possible here in Ethiopia as soleRebels becomes possibly the TIMBERLAND or the ADIDAS or the NIKE or the PUMA of Ethiopia or Africa!

  • Imagine the jobs that are created, allowing more highly marginalized community residents the chance at a decent life!
  • Imagine the ever enlarging WEB OF SUPPLIERS that are nurtured and who grow and prosper as we grow!
  • Imagine the communities that are elevated and SUSTAINABLE PROSPERITY that's created as we CONTINUE to be able to offer more employment AND HIGHER VALUE EMPLOYMENT as we add designers, marketing managers, production Vice Presidents, and more!
  • Imagine the foreign exchange growth our country can experience; foreign exchange that DIRECTLY assists in the overall development of the nation allowing us to develop our OWN solutions OUT of poverty!

Building & controlling 100% of a GLOBAL brand as we have been doing holds exactly these types of exciting possibilities - and THAT is real + true + lasting + sustainable development!! 

And we are on track to do just this. soleRebels is accomplishing what we set out to do having created more than 140 jobs in Zenabwork and IGNITING MAJOR growth for many local suppliers.