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Hand Spun Abyssinian Heritage Organic Cotton

Hand spun organic cotton

Ethiopia is said to be one of the birthplaces of cotton cultivation, so cotton understandably occupies a central role in Ethiopian cultural life, having been cultivated here for thousands of years. We source our cotton from small scale heritage organic + traditional growers, ensuring you get a wondrously soft cotton and a historic crop continues to flourish.

The ART of hand spinning of cotton also dates back millenia here in Ethiopia, and our artisans, like Balaynesh (pictured left), are among the finest. We line our shoe interiors and strap linings with the fabric made from this organic hand spun so that slipping your feet inside a soleRebel is a DECADENT treat - just like sliding into your favorite socks!

Get ready to say AHHHHHHHHH! [that's feet talk for 'I LOVE YOU my foot MASTER!]

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