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Employees-First Approach

At soleRebels, our employees are the most valuable asset and we are dedicated to providing tools and support that they need to thrive and succeed. We are committed to offering wages that provide a decent standard of living for workers and their families, and most importantly creating jobs right here in Ethiopia.

We cut out the middleman and get money directly into the hands of our employees. Since there is no middleman to absorb profits, soleRebels is able to maximize its profits which in turn means more and better paying jobs is created for the community, more foreign exchange is netted for the country, which means more development can be funded.

We empower our employees and their families to break the cycle of poverty by providing access to education, healthcare and well-being, and financial stability.


Competitive Compensation

At soleRebels, we always strive to make sure our employees are compensated fairly because we believe in recognition and appreciation for a job well done.

We provide above-average salaries for all our workers. We offer four to five times the legal minimum wage and over three times the industry average salary.

Straight Wages. No Quotas!

The quota system of work, endemic in the fashion business (footwear and garments) always struck us as truly demeaning. It is a system that shows no confidence that workers can be incentivized to achieve targets and it creates a hostile working environment.

soleRebels pays all workers based on negotiated wages that are NOT subject to quotas but rather on mutually agreed company-wide goals.

Medical Insurance

Sadly, health care remains inaccessible for many in Ethiopia. Just getting to a doctor can be tough, not to mention a competent doctor without having to wait for hours.

soleRebels provides hassle-free medical insurance that covers 100% of employee's and their family's healthcare costs.

Equity and Inclusion

Historically, persons with disabilities have had it VERY HARD here in Ethiopia, finding and keeping work owing to systemic discrimination and difficulties just getting to their work. We provide transportation to and from the worksite for those workers with disabilities.

Ethical Production

Here in Ethiopia, recycling things is a way of life. In fact, we’ve been recycling for years without ever calling it recycling. When you have limited resources, everything is valuable, everything has a purpose even if not the original purpose it was intended for - and if not, one can be found for it. For us, it's equal parts ingenuity and resourcefulness that equals true recycle.

Sustainable Materials

We've been reimagining the traditional selate shoe (recycled tire shoe) in dynamic new fashions for a few years now, turning something that would be clogging up the landfills (used tires) into not only comfortable but also cool shoes.

Challenging ourselves to find new uses for indigenous and recycled materials comes very naturally to us. If you wear our shoes, you know what we mean. If not, check some out - from camouflages that we have put into peaceful use, to our ingenious uses for Ethiopian hemps, and on to the most wild uses of tires and inner tubes you can imagine, you will quickly see what we mean when we say: "Here in Ethiopia, recycling things is a way of life".

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Cultural Preservation

We leverage our unique heritage to build a global and market-leading eco-ethical brand. Everything we do is aimed at applying the unique cultural arts we have practiced here in Ethiopia for millennia. We do so in fresh, dynamic new fashions thereby BOTH preserving important cultural assets AND offering our customers incredibly cool and stylish shoes to wear!

Combining the expertise of several traditional Ethiopian artisan areas - from hand spinning organic cotton to artisan looming fabrics and on to footwear hand crafting - we fuse these arts with unique and innovative design sensibilities, always delivering exciting creations.

The result is something we like to call FUSIONFUSION - the ultimate marriage between traditional cultural crafts and contemporary design. In doing this over the last few years, something deeply exciting has happened, something many thought was impossible - we have leveraged our unique heritage and nurtured soleRebels into a global eco-ethical brand, FIRST for a developing world country like Ethiopia.

Community Dedication

Aside from offering stable jobs, helping our employees fulfil their future and continuing to add more employment opportunities as we grow, we constantly challenge ourselves to do more for our community.

We have deep roots in Zenabwork, the community we work in. These are roots that span back three generations to our grandmother - one of the village's first residents and herself an impoverished rural migrant, who moved to the environs of Addis Ababa in search of a better life. Thus every action we take is with the communities betterment in mind.

Education Fund

The best investment we can make for the long term vitality of our community, is investment in children's education. Our Children's Education Fund provides grants for children of our artisans as well as children of their close relatives. The fund is offered twice a year, and like any of our programs is flexible and demand driven.

Make an Impact

The ripple effect that starts with the purchase of a single pair of soleRebels shoes becomes a powerful force for positive community transformation in Ethiopia.