• Bethlehem

    Designer i LIVE to make the coolest comfiest shoes you have ever slipped your feet into.

Fabric creation
  • Wube

    Director of Fabrics We hand-spin and hand loom every single inch of the fabrics we use in our magical footwear . Wube makes sure all these fabrics made to perfection

  • Getenet

    Master Weaver Getenet aka MR TALENT is a master weaver, responsible for crafting the INCREDIBLE fabrics that Make up our shoes!

Spinning team
These amazing women lead our team of over 100 hand spinners. They create the threads for our weavers to turn into finished fabrics. Our hand spinners have re-imagined the ancient art of hand spinning that has existed here in Ethiopia for centuries.
Weaving team
Ok we ARE BIASED but we have the BEST weaving team on the planet! And we need it because we hand loom every single meter of fabric that we use!
Happy soles inspection and delivery
  • Sintayehu

    Logistics Head Sintayehu aka SINTE makes sure soleRebels shoes get where they need to go AND GET ON YOUR FEET!

This team makes sure that every single soleRebels that leaves our workshop LOOKS as good as it feels and reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition! Thanks Happy Soles team!
Leather Cutting TEAM
You think all that beautiful leather cuts itself? Not a chance! These masters make it all happen, ensuring the most amazing looking soleRebels hit your feet every time!
  • Meron

    Production Team Manager Meron’s smile is matched by her amazing ability to oversee 5 production groups, ensuring soleRebels is always the highest quality footwear on the planet.

  • Mandela

    Lead Sewer Mandela is true to his namesake- a talented leader. Mandela sets the pace for our stitching teams, ensuring quality and consistency.

  • Alem

    Production Team leader IS one of the key reasons why our shoes LOOK+FEEL sooooo good. She makes sure the preparation of our uppers is phenomenal!

  • Tarekegn

    Footwear Master Artisan aka TARE When he is not poppin’ off his dance moves, Tare is making sweet magic for your feet!

  • Robel

    Footwear Master Artisan LOVES making soleRebels. In fact sometimes we have to kick him out of the workshop cuz he wants to keep on making them!

  • Teshome

    Sandal Master aka TESH Leads our sandal group and makes sure soleRebels produces the coolest, comfiest sandals ON THE PLANET!

  • Yirga

    Footwear Master Artisan Yirga is like a DJ - from his hands he spins out the coolest shoes EVER!

  • Tewodros

    Footwear Master Artisanaka TEDDY Unleashes his talents every day. The result is the magic you wear on your feet.

  • Kassa

    Footwear Master ArtisanKassa is an extraordinary talent whose eye for detail and quality is unmatched!

  • Tamerat

    Footwear Master ArtisanHidden behind Tameru’s great smile is an awesome talent! He loves pumping out LOVE for your feet!

Assembly Team
Take a well-deserved bow team - you guys make the finest footwear ON THE PLANET!
Hand sewing team
One of the things that make soleRebels so cool is the amazing detail on our shoes. The hand sewing team is a HUGE PART of that, and with their awesome stitch work they ensure your soleRebels look EXTRA GOOD.
Sewing and prep team
Hey our shoes look great BUT they don’t make themselves. This amazing team prepares the uppers that end up as HANDCRAFTED LOVE for your feet!
Sole Crafters
At soleRebels we collect, sort and repurpose recycled car and truck tires into ultra-LIGHT LONG lasting soles for your shoes. We have developed special techniques to do this and right here are the guys that make it all happen.
Sole Perfection
Attaching our soles so they fit JUST RIGHT [yup just like in GOLDILOCKS] is a major skill. And our SOLE PERFECTION team is UP TO THE TASK. they ensure you get a perfectly fitted long lasting SOLE every time!
Storage/Supply Team
  • Roza

    Supply Director Makes sure that the materials that are used to construct soleRebels keep FLOWING!

This team makes sure we are fully stocked with everything we need to create handcrafted love for your feet
Tech team
  • Selam

    Director of ecommerce/part time Ninja aka SLAM! When not directing each and every single digital operation, She is out there making moves as a Ninja warrior!

  • Nathnael

    Ecommerce Monster Nate is the code monster that makes all our ecommerce happen.

  • Misikir

    Lead Front End Developer Makes sure our bits and BYTES are graphically AWESOME.

Pssst. Want to know why our web platforms look so cool and are so much fun to shop on…. Huge salute to our amazing tech team who make our ecommerce ops HUM!
Admin TEAM
  • Fisseha

    Finance Maven Fisseha AKA FISH makes sure everyone gets paid!

  • Memberu

    Site Operations Memberu makes sure all things on the soleRebels worksite function smooth as silk!

Admin TEAM These guys keep the admin office HUM-ING !!!!!
Transportation team
These guys make sure things get to where they need to be!