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Vegan-Friendly Footwear

No animal products inside

b*knd. It's the name we give to all soleRebels pieces that are created + crafted for vegans, veggies + everyone who cares deeply about what they wear and who doesn't want any animal related products making up their footwear.

soleRebels b*knd vegan products are styled and crafted with all the great stuff that soleRebels products are known for like our sensuous artisan-spun organic cottons, pure Abyssinian jutes, vintage artisan loomed fabrics, our famed recycled tire soles, and more!

Vegan Sneakers

Our collection of vegan sneakers feature a variety of different styles, including laces made with recycled tires that make it easy to slip your feet in and out!


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Vegan Ballet Flats

Our magical ballet flats feature organic hand-loomed cotton fabrics and deliver maximum comfort in a compact size.


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Vegan Sandals

Just slide your toes in and go! Our vegan flip-flops are made from organic cotton and hand-loomed accent fabrics. These vegan sandals will be the perfect pair to take to the beach, the pool, or anywhere else!


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Vegan Boots

Made to withstand even the coldest winters, our vegan boots will keep your toes warm no matter the season!


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Vegan Slip-On Shoes

Our vegan slip-on shoes are hand-crafted with the most sustainable materials available, including organic cotton, hand-loomed accent fabrics, jute, koba, and more. 


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