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Wholesale Inquiries

soleRebels shoes on display in retail store

It has never been easier to shop soleRebels wholesale!

Just complete the form at the bottom of the page and a member of our team will be in contact with you to provide you with our wholesale ordering form.

Merchandising and Brand Experience

We believe soleRebels is more than just footwear. It is an experience of ideas, creativity and unique production methods and materials.

So we create exciting POP materials that enhance the selling, buying and brand experience for soleRebels.

To that end, with your order we offer you:

  • FREE STAFF WEAR PAIRS: Because wearing is believing with soleRebels. we will supply up to 3 soleRebels staff pairs FREE for in store staff to wear. That way STAFF can share the look of soleRebels with customers and give REAL testimony to the comfort of the footwear!!!
  • SIGNAGE + BANNERS: We supply you with a FREE soleRebels BANNER. We have a huge selection of funky colorful and cool large format signs that will entertain + explain soleRebels to your amazing customers!!!!! We also produce small format signage that compliments the brand.
  • WINDOW DISPLAYS: We have a variety of exciting window displays Setups that are simple, relate directly to the brand and are HIGHLY effective in engaging consumers!
  • We will also CUSTOMIZE IDEAS for your particular needs.


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There are three pricing tiers available:

• Bronze: 23% off, minimum order of 100 pairs
• Silver: 34% off, minimum order of 250 pairs
• Gold: 45% off, minimum order of 500 pairs