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Ethiopian Industry State Minister says soleRebels promoting country’s image

Industry State Minister Tadesse Hailedoes it get better than this....a few days after winning outstanding business woman award for 2011 , i am being given a press conference by The Minister for Industry of Ethiopia!!!!!!!

See what he had to say about soleRebels below:

Industry State Minister Tadesse Haile said SoleRebels, an Ethiopian factory that entered into international market is promoting the country’s image.

The founder and managing director of SoleRebels factory Bethlehem Tilahun has been named Outstanding Businesswoman at the 2011 African Business Award.

In a press conference he gave with owner of the factory, Bethlehem, in connection with the award here on Friday, the minister said the factory is enabling the country earn foreign currency.

He said the factory has put in place modern market system and secured international rights.

Tadesse said the factory,which is environment friendly, makes use of more than 95 percent raw material locally available.

Bethlehem on her part said the award is a pride for Ethiopia and a pioneer for other African countries.

She said the award is also a good indication for the effective implementation of the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan.