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soleRebels launches 1st in series of global retail locations!

soleRebels Retail Store

Invites soleRebels fans from around the planet to come and walkNAKED!

--- addis ababa, ethiopia ---

soleRebels Africa’s fastest growing footwear brand, has launched its 1st in a series of soleRebels retail stores.

Located in the groundbreaking retail mall of Adams Pavilion in the company’s hometown of addis ababa , the store is a fantastic interactive + FUN + COLORFUL environment. Serving dual duties , the store is both a destination retail outlet for the soleRebels brand AND the HUB store for the global roll-out of franchised soleRebels stores - the very first brand from Africa to undertake a global retail roll-out!!

The store literally brings to life soleRebels awesome walkNAKED brand theme. At the entrance to the store fans of the brand are immediately greeted by fully tagged out floor to ceiling walkNAKED windows. Once inside , giant ceiling and wall mounted signs allow people to jump inside the brands walkNAKED spirit while also highlighting the brand unique, colorful and cool artisan heritages !

walkNAKED beautifully sums up so many things about soleRebels - from the lightness + SUPERcomfiness of our footwear – yup just like you are walkingNAKED - to the overall attitude of our brand. We wanted to give our fans an environment where they could interact on a different level with the soleRebels brand AND the walkNAKED idea. I am proud to say that the soleRebels store is IT! ” stated the brands founder and managing director bethlehem tilahun alemu.

Sitting in the walkNAKED lounge under a GIANT wall size soleRebels sign that read if these babies don’t make you wanna walkNAKED nothing will, Bethlehem explained the stores aims further: “ This is the model store for our global retail rollout which will occur both via company owned and franchised stores. We feel passionately that people all over the planet want comfy, stylish and totally unique value priced footwear and so they can’t wait to have a soleRebels store open near them. And even if there are people who don’t know about soleRebels , our brand and our amazing footwear, can you imagine anyone who wouldn’t embrace a footwear brand whose motto is walkNAKED !”, offered a smiling bethlehem tilahun alemu.

The store features over 800 unique sandal, slipOn and laceUP styles. With price points ranging from $30 USD to $95 USD for fully artisan crafted footwear including the company’s super new COZEES boot line, the products represent amazing value.

The soleRebels store also features:

  • gorgeous hand-crafted full walk around displays that showcase the companies revolutionary sandal and shoe hangars which are 100% crafted from leftover production materials. Covered in the company’s signature super cool and colorful hand loomed fabrics, the hangars are a visual nod to soleRebels focus on creating true waste free production while finding creative uses for all production leftovers.
  • a customSOLE offer that allows customers to customize ANY soleRebel style they see in the exact colors of their choice. soleRebels artisans will loom and dye and make their shoes according to those specific choices and delver within 24 hours.
  • a full soleRebels kids section that offers every single one of soleRebels over 700 styles in kids sizes
  • a dedicated b*knd section featuring footwear products “ …. created + crafted for vegans, veggies + everyone who cares deeply about what they wear and who doesn't want any animal related products making up their footwear.”
  • a walkNAKED lounge that lets customers come and chill while enjoying signage that highlights the company’s unique footwear philosophies. the lounge also encourages customers to upload in photos of them wearing their soleRebels shoes to the soleRebels website and rewards them for doing so with a free soleRebels walkNAKED tee !

And all products sold are covered by soleRebels unique happySOLES guarantee. the guarantee is groundbreaking in the footwear industry and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction by promising to replace any shoe bought from the soleRebels site NO QUESTIONS ASKED UNTIL the customer is 100% SATISFIED ! AND the happySOLES guarantee also guarantees ANY soleRebel shoe no matter where a customer bought it for the life of the sole. if anything on the shoe goes wrong BEFORE the sole has worn through, soleRebels will replace the pair for free no questions asked !

Click here for a photo gallery of the soleRebels Retail Store!