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walkNAKED is how people describe what it's like walking in a pair of soleRebels. It's how your soul and soles will feel when you walk in our super comfy footwear.

At soleRebels, we line our shoes and sandals with our magical super soft Abyssinian hand spun cottons and craft our soles from recycled tires, meaning you get the lightest, most comfy pair of footwear on the planet! Just slide your feet in a pair [socks VERY optional of course], take 3 steps, and VOILA! You will fully comprehend what it is to walkNAKED

soleRebels walkNAKED t-shirt

Free T-Shirt!

Just submit a photo below of you wearing your soleRebels (and that's appropriate for all ages).

We will post it right HERE and send you one of our super COOL super exclusive soleRebels walkNAKED tees as a token of our thanks!