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Fair Trade & Job Creation

soleRebels = living PROOF that grassroots African entrepreneurs are THE key to sustainable development

hand made soleRebels shoe

We founded this company to bring job opportunities to some of the most marginalized citizens in our nation, people who coincidentally happen to be our neighbors and relatives. in addition we are helping to preserve important local culture while giving citizens a sense of pride and doing this as we blast amazing footwear to our worldwide customers! We are proud of what we have accomplished, determined to do ever more, and are honored by the support we have received from retail buyers and consumers for our great products.

Best of all, soleRebels model provides a living and breathing example of what can happen when young and motivated grassroots African entrepreneurs take on the global market, compete and win. Africa and ETHIOPIA IN PARTICULAR, desperately needs more TRADE and NOT more AID or CHARITY [ sorry Bob + BONO time to face it: Charity may feel nice BUT it never created sustained prosperity for the recipients. And we won’t get started on the “poverty alleviation” stuff because really all that’s about is moving the dial on some meaningless number that has NOTHING to do with creating jobs and self-directed + self-controlled prosperity, which is what we want and what is needed ! ] 

Only then, with sufficient financial resources evenly spread, can we begin to bask in the self satisfaction that comes from financing the solutions to our own problems and not having them ALWAYS financed from outside. Trade IS such an essential KEY to Africa’s upliftment as it is the key to job creation, income realization and ultimately, if conducted on the right terms, that all too elusive thing that sustains us all – hope.

World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick recently visited SoleRebels and SUPPORTED this idea in full, hailing soleRebels as an exemplary social enterprise that is helping Ethiopia and other African nations overcome the effects of the global financial crisis.

Today, Africa accounts for a mere two percent of global trade. If Sub-Saharan Africa were to increase that share by only one percent, it would generate additional export revenues each year greater than the total amount of annual assistance that Africa currently receives. We simply need the opportunity to increase our market share, something EVERY GOOD STRONG GLOBAL business seeks to do. soleRebels, with our great buyers and customers embrace of our brand, are doing just that ! Now THAT is great reason for hope!