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What is soleRebels warranty and how does this work?

WE WANT YOUR LOVE TO LAST. Our simple and beautiful HAPPY SOLES GUARANTEE is a key part of your relationship with your shoes. Buy a pair of soleRebels from us. If ANYTHING is wrong we will replace your order NO QUESTIONS ASKED UNTIL YOU ARE 100% SATISFIED! We also guarantee ANY soleRebels no matter where you bought it for ONE FULL YEAR!

How can I make a return or exchange?

Our HAPPY SOLES Guarantee has you covered! simply go to the returns section of our website fill out the form and we will remake your order! Here is the direct link to the form Happy soles guarantee exchanges returns

How long will my return take?

Approx. 3-4 weeks from receipt of your exchange


How long does it take to make & ship my order?

Due to a recent influx of orders, our manufacturing times may take up to 6 weeks, while we ramp up our production. Hand-crafting the highest quality footwear takes time, and we thank you for your patience as we grow our business.

Do you ship internationally?

We proudly ship everywhere on the planet and shipping is ALWAYS FREE


In what currency are the prices on the website?

You can select the currency of your choice in the UPPER RIGHT hand of the website


I want to open a soleRebels store

Great! We license soleRebels dealerships for exclusive distribution + opening of our award winning soleRebels BRANDED RETAIL STORES. You can see our current global soleRebels stores by clicking soleRebels retail stores.

We license branded stores to passionate and qualified parties who have a passion for the soleRebels WALK NAKED lifestyle and who additionally have the experience to manage a brand at retail. Click here to become retailer.


I want to carry soleRebels in my retail store

Great! Sign up to gain access to wholesale ordering.

Please Note: To qualify as a wholesale account the MINIMUM ORDER is 100 pairs. This can be ANY COMBINATION of styles, sizes and colors, but you will not be able to check out from the wholesale site without meeting this 100 pair minimum.

soleRebels CARE

How do I clean my soleRebels?

These are great tips on caring for your soleRebels

ALL our footwear can be HAND washed by following some simple instructions:

  • Hand wash only. NEVER use a washing machine.
  • With a CLEAN sponge or SOFT cloth LIGHTLY Moisten footwear with clean, cold water MIX of 3/4 water and 1/4 mild soap eg/ dove
  • Wet your entire soleRebels when cleaning to ensure equal drying or you could end up with visible water lines.
  • Gently scrub to clean entire area. Both our cotton and Leather has a delicate surface, which can be damaged if scrubbed too aggressively, or with an undiluted soap concentration.
  • Rinse clean in clean, cold water; wring out ALL excess water; lightly stuff with paper towels or recycled paper to hold shape; allow to AIR dry naturally and slowly SITTING FLAT, but DO NOT dry in direct heat or sunlight.
  • FOR SUEDE/NUBUCK: Once footwear is dry, lightly brush with a very soft suede/nubuck brush in one direction only
  • For odor - Use a mixture of 2 tsp. baking soda and 2 tsp. corn flour to deodorize and soften the inside of the soleRebels. If you wish, you can add a few drops of an essential oil to create a sweet scent. Shake the mixture into the soleRebels. and let it stand overnight. Shake the excess out the next day.

you can spray your soleRebels the upper with a water and dirt repellant


soleRebels can be worn in light rain BUT NOT any heavy rain or snow. With proper care and cleaning, you can expect your footwear to last longer, but we in no way guarantee that it will remove all stains nor prevent stains from occurring.


Does soleRebels offer a Corporate and or Group Sales program?

We do! soleRebels make amazing group sales gifts/promotional items. Please click here and email us with the subject line GROUP SALES REQUEST. A minimum order of 20 pairs is required for this program

Do you have a print catalog of all your products?

We do not print a catalog because our website is the BEST and most up to date way of providing everyone a catalog of our products. PLUS it saves on wasteful printing. Good for you, us and our precious planet!