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The World's Finest Handmade Runner

The new FREEDOM H.S. is a runner as versatile + diverse as you.

Designed and engineered for maximum performance ,comfort and style, its artisan crafted from our magical hand-woven msh™ textile and features our new super light SPRUNG midsole that gives you next-level CUSHnSPRING™. It’s lightweight, breathable and contours perfectly to your feet.

Real FREEDOM is now yours - for all your Steps . Strides. And Beyond !

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Every pair of soleRebels is handcrafted with sustainable and upcycled materials in our workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and shipped free to your door.

In The News

Alemu recognized a wealth of natural and cultural resources existed closer to home and, with soleRebels, has proven it is possible to deploy local resources and create a global brand.

Harper's Bazaar

CNN's Eleni Giokos caught up with soleRebels CEO, Bethlehem Alemu, to talk about how embracing digital solutions set this Ethiopian footwear brand on a direct path toward a global audience.